Stand Up Straight 2: Why Good Posture Is Important

Our chiropractors discus the implications that poor posture can have on your health. In part 2 of the Stand Up Straight! series ...

Dysfunctional posture leads to a chronic imbalance of many muscle groups in your body. Increased strain and weakening of the muscles in between your shoulder blades and in the front of your neck are common in patients with poor posture. In the lower portion of your body, it is common to see a weakening of buttock and abdominal musculature. Paired with this is a chronic shortening and over-utilization of your chest, upper shoulder, and lower back muscles.

What does this mean?

Stage 1- Dysfunction You may start to notice that your neck and upper back will become sore on a more regular basis. People at this stage are fortunate. Pain acts as a physical indicator of dysfunction; this is a nagging reminder to fix it.

Stage 2- Compensation Once you have stopped feeling pain and discomfort, your body has given up fixing the problem and begins the remodeling and compensation phase. The dysfunction still exists; you simply feel it less frequently. As your body tries to compensate for this posture-induced dysfunction, you should expect new aches and pains. Perhaps your buttocks or jaw have been feeling sore? Have you been noticing new shoulder or knee issues? Recurrent headaches or lower back pain?

Stage 3- Deterioration When your compensation mechanisms have failed, your body begins to deteriorate. Manifestations of this stage may include increased joint pains, decreased range of movement, tingling in your hands or feet? Furthermore, deterioration can rear its ugly head in the form of compression fractures, knee replacement surgeries, ligament calcifications, disc bulges or herniation, nerve compression syndromes and more.

Thankfully posture-related deterioration is preventable. Start now. The first and most important step is to start thinking about it. The last article in this series will provide some easy tips to help you get started on improving your posture. Until next timeā€¦

Stay Healthy,

Dr. Evelyn Lock

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