Stand Up Straight: Do I Have Poor Posture?

Contributed by: Dr. Evelyn Lock

At MyHealth in Mississauga, people often ask the chiropractors why having good posture is important. We all know that we should stand up straight, but what are the reasons? In this 3 part series on posture, we will review how to tell if you have poor posture, the implications of poor posture on your health, and a few easy pointers to start fixing your posture.

What is good posture? Take a moment to observe the posture of the people around you. This is likely what you will see: eyes on the ground with forward-leaning heads, hunched backs, rounded shoulders, and slumped posture. You are likely a victim of this position yourself. This is bad posture. While having moments of poor posture is not detrimental, prolonged poor posture is. Unfortunately, most of us are in a constant state of dysfunctional posture.

Do I have bad posture? Do a quick test for yourself. Roll your shoulders backward, toward the floor and then towards each other (in this order). Try to keep this position for 5 minutes. How does this feel? If you are experiencing discomfort, more than likely, you have poor posture.

A common misconception our chiropractors encounter at MyHealth is the notion that posture is wholly defined by the position of your neck and upper back. However, your pelvis and core musculature play a large part in the definition of good posture. Take a moment to look at your side profile. Have someone take a photo of you from the side view. Mark a dot at your ear canal, the centre of your shoulder, hip bone, and ankle. Someone with proper biomechanical posture will be able to connect these points in continuous, vertical line. Do you line up? To find out what this means, stay tuned for the next installment of Stand Up Straight! Until next timeā€¦

Stay Healthy,

Dr. Evelyn Lock

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