Dr. Mike talks posture with Steven and Chris

If you watch a baby who is learning to adapt to gravity, they will instinctively crouch down properly to pick something up properly. They do not bend forward to get it. This is because they just learn how to function in harmony with gravity.  Then we get a little older, we begin to take 'shortcuts' and bend at the waist to get something faster. This is where a bad pattern for poor posture may start.


We all likely bend from the waist, slouch, or otherwise compromise our good posture through some bad habits. Steven and Chris chatted with Dr. Mike Skiby, chiropractor, about how to get - and keep - good posture.

If you can stop and take 1 minute out of your day to stretch and note what areas of your body hurt, you can take the steps to change them.

Solutions to bad posture:

A) Be aware of your posture
B) Yoga/ Fitness Classes - stay active and healthy.
C) Visit your chiropractor to help relieve daily stress/tension.

Contact us to get checked for stress or tension from our chiropractor at our clinic.


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