headacheHeadaches are a form of nerve irritation and is the leading cause of headache pain for many sufferers.  We are able to help most types of headaches at our missisauga clinic. If you are tired of taking medication for headache pain that does not go away? Find out how many Canadians are finding a more permanent solution for their headache pain naturally.

Our treatment of headaches is two-fold:

  • Remove pressure and irritation on the nerves
  • Reduce tension in neck muscles to relief stress
  • Increase range of motion for less headaches

Headaches are estimated to affect 4.5 million Canadians and some with a more severe form, recurring attacks of migraine and tension headaches. They spend upwards of $40 million each year on over-the-counter and prescription drugs in their search for permanent relief. For some, the medication works. Unfortunately for many the relief obtained is temporary at best. A cycle of headaches and medication often occurs without any lasting relief found. If you think this describes your pain then there is good news for you.

Headache pain to nerve irritation. One study, conducted at the University of Maryland, found a connection between muscle tension at the base of the neck and headaches. Muscle contractions interfere with the sensitive fibers at the base of the neck that lead to the brain and spinal cord. This muscle tension often plays a contributing factor to headache pain.

A study conducted by the government of New Zealand found that the majority of people who suffered from neck tension had their headaches relieved or their condition improved through chiropractic care. And in follow-up studies of the same patients it was found that many were still without recurring headache pain two years later.

We will recommend the best care possible after conducting an initial exam, where we can make recommendations to you for your particular case.  Each patient is unique in how their headache affects their health.

Remember, help is near to home. If you are concerned about your health or considering care for your headache or migraines. At MyHealth here in Mississauga you can count on us. We look forward to evaluate your health and offer you the best treatment or alternatives. We are conveniently located in Streetsville and Port Credit Village in Mississauga.

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