Neck and Shoulder Quiz

The neck and shoulders area of the body that is prone to daily stress and tension.  Often prior to a headache the person will experience a decrease in function of the neck and shoulders.

This can result in tight muscles and joints that can eventually also cause tiredness, fatigue, headaches and migraine. Getting a check up before you experience any symptoms can help create balance and full movement.


Try this simple test:

  1. In a sitting position have the person resting and have their eyes closed.
  2. Have them nod their head up and down several times,
  3. Stopping in a neutral position.
  4. With their eyes still closed and without moving their shoulders.
  5. Have them turn their head fully to the left and also to the right.
  6. Holding each positions for a few seconds.

Look for these warning signs:

  • Could they turn further in one direction than the other?
  • Was there pain associated with turning in either direction?
  • Did they hear any popping or grinding sounds when turning their head?

"Yes" responses indicate postural deviations that often respond to care.
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