Optimal Health Plan


We offer unlimited chiropractic care,so that you know you can function at your best.

Everyone is busy living a hectic lifestyle, and you try your best to live a healthy and balanced life.  However, you spend hours in the car getting to work, spend long days at your desk, stressed over deadlines, trying to play sports or go to the gym and yet you still seem to be tired or fatiqued. 

You will no longer have to worry, we are offering an optimal health plan where you don't have to worry about these fluctuations in stress throughout the year.  

We want to help you look better. Feel better. and live better.

Option 1 - You can choose a quarterly option which is $250  or $125 after benefits*

Option 2 - Your can choose to pay annually which is $900 or $400 after benefits*

You can still use your extended health benefits to deduct from the total cost, contact us to arrange for your optimal health plan.

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* You will not be eligible for this plan if you currently have a need for 'relief care'.

 * Based on average coverage of $500 for chiropractic benefits.


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