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fitness training mississaugaOur exercise specialists are trained to help you do more than simply work out. Although the general health benefits of exercise are common knowledge today, in recent years the approach to getting fit, losing weight, increasing cardiovascular endurance, or recovering from specific health problems has become much more specialized. With knowledge in exercise science, nutrition, health screening, and fitness assessment, a personal trainer or exercise specialist can help you get "the most from your motion.


The exercise specialists offer individualized programs based on your unique fitness needs and goals, the results of exercise are maximized. Efficient and targeted exercise is the process--and realistic, measured results are the goal.

As you progress, your trainer should monitor and fine-tune your program, offering extra help when you feel you have reached a plateau. Measurements may be regularly taken and charted to show your progress, including your weight, percentage of body fat and other body measurements, cardiovascular improvements, and levels of muscle strength and endurance.

No Memberships or Commitments.  Just Results.

For those with musculoskeletal injury or disability, an exercise specialist can bridge the gap between rehabilitation therapy and a health club or home-based exercise program. The therapist can also help postsurgical patients (including those who have had knee, hip, or back surgery) move toward full recovery. Consulting as needed with other health professionals, such as physicians, chiropractors, or physical therapists, an exercise specialist designs and monitors a program to benefit your individual situation, taking your limitations into consideration.

An exercise specialist can also work with you on improving or recovering strength, physical conditioning, range of motion, muscular endurance, and cardiovascular function. Depending on your illness or injury, you may also be offered neuromuscular re-education, or training to rebalance the strength of your limbs.