"HAPPY again now that I am not dealing with pain 24/7"

Honestly, I went to see a Chiropractor as a last resort, as I had a distrust of the practice as a whole. But I was in SO much constant severe pain and had lost almost all use of my left arm due to neck and shoulder issues/pain. I was miserable, couldn't sleep and was unable to concentrate on the smallest thing. I had full relief from pain after the 1st treatment. I could NOT believe it!!!! He is very relaxed, educated and has changed my opinion of the practice. He was the first Dr. I had visited that taught ME what was wrong with my back based on my MRI's and didnt just prescribe me more pills.Together we will work together to resolve the cause of my pain, and fully restore the use of my arm. Rebalance my life. I am already able to concentrate better and am HAPPY again now that I am not dealing with pain 24/7HAPPY again now that I am not dealing with pain 24/7. I was able to secure a series of appts quickly, and the environment/office is calming and comfortable. Here's to no more pain killers and muscle relaxants!! Fingers crossed :)

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