Breech Fetal Position

Many women may discover their fetus is in an improper or breech position.  Breech (feet first) or transverse lie (fetus is in an angle in the uterus). After the seventh month of gestation, if a fetus is in this type of abnormal position, it can be subject to biomechanical stress leading to vertebral subluxations. Any abnormal biomechanical stresses to the vertebra may cause abnormal development of cartilage structures (which eventually become boney).

A doctor trained in evaluating and treating pregnant women for breech fetal positioning can treat the patient with good results (97% successful).  This is a safe method, not only for mother but for the fetus and normal positioning of the fetus usually occurs within 4 to 5 visits. When the fetus is in a normal position, it’s chances of developing properly in the uterus, greatly increase.

Another option to deal with a breech presentation can be moxibustion therapy.  The treatment is quite simple, safe and effective. The optimal time for this treatment is at 34-35 weeks but can still be effective later in the pregnancy. The treatment increases fetal activity and can cause the baby to turn into proper position for a natural birth.

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